Lucy Szczesniak, Hon. Bsc, MI, MFC

Forest Bathing Guide

Spiritual Forest Ecologist

Meditative nature journeys are led by Lucy Szczesniak who completed her Honours Bachelor of Science specializing in Ecology and Biology, and Master of Forest Conservation at the University of Toronto. Her thesis was inspired by the practice of “Guided Forest Bathing” – a practice which originates in Japan and was coined “Shinrin Yoku”. This practice of spending time immersed in nature supports psychological, emotional and physiological wellbeing. Lucy has studied meditative practices at the Toronto Shambala Centre and has married her love of nature with meditative practices by now offering guided nature meditation journeys and working with people 1-on-1. Lucy has spent 60 days in silent retreat, in solitude in the wilderness where she connected deeply with the profound healing powers of Mother Nature and the Forest. She now helps others cultivate loving relationship with self and the healing benefits of the natural environment through guided nature meditation practices and offering 1-on-1 support.

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Photos by Stephanie Banh and Pauline Szczesniak.

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